We are facilitated by a sophisticated warehouse and packaging unit. Our ware house is built in a large area where we can store finished products in bulk Once the finished products are prepared these are sent to warehouse for storage. We have designed our warehouse in various sections according to the products that we manufacture and all the activities inside the warehouse are controlled by experience supervisor.

Our packaging system is done according to the requirements of our clients. We ensure that the finished products are delivered without any damage and hence we give a due importance to the packaging of our range of industrial pipes and fittings, Industrial fasteners and flanges & other industrial supplies.


 We have a sophisticated R&D wing which is backed by a qualified team of R&D expert. our R&D expert works on improving the quality of industrial pipes and fittings, Industrial fasteners and flanges & other industrial supplies. Our R&D experts conducts extensive research based on the following parameters:

  • Manufacturing process
  • Raw Material
  • Process Technology

 Our Experts also conduct extensive market research to find out prospective clients and the exact requirement of the market. They keep an eye on the latest technological development and find innovative way to develop the product. It is due to our efficient R&D wing, we are able to deliver product of unmatched quality.


Our extremely efficient and hardworking sales and marketing team is the backbone of our customer base. Their skill and sweat are what takes our products right across to the customers. Our sophisticated website is yet another platform for customers to explore our diverse range of products. The site also offers easy query clarification and customer support services.

Our marketing team promotes our products for just what they are. We actively refrain from false promotions and unreasonable convincing strategies. Our products speak for themselves.


The Administrative unit at SHUBHAM FASTENERS integrates all the other departments for smooth functioning of the business. An uninterrupted flow of communication and coordination is facilitated by efficient administrative personnel and procedures.

The administrative unit is kept well-informed of all business activities and transactions to make accurate and timely decisions. Our enhanced administrative system removes all bottlenecks right from the procurement through the production up to the sales and delivery of our products. The administrative team is also inclusive of qualified accounts personnel to cater to our bookkeeping and tax requirements.